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The TS is your new face protection BFF, from lodge to lift. Heat this mask once (like you would a mouthguard), shape it to your face, goggles, and helmet, and the thermo-moldable plastic insert will ensure this POLARTEC fleece and nylon mask will hug your face forever. 

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Each faceGlove TS has a black fleece back and a black nylon front.  

  1.  When your faceGlove TS is steamed or boiled for about 45 seconds, the thin, flexible, thermo-moldable plastic insert contained within softens.  
  2. Put this warm mask on with your helmet and goggles in front of a mirror.
  3. Between 45 sec- 90 sec after removing your faceGlove TS from steam, the insert will behave like clay, and your mask can be formed to the shape of your face.
  4. About half of this shaping is done when you simply drop your goggles into place.  Next, form the desired opening around your nose, press the mask firmly into your cheeks, and hold.
  5. After about 3 minutes, the insert has solidified, holding the shape you made.


FaceGlove TS is designed specifically to integrate ideally with a helmet and goggles for skiers, snowmobilers, and motorcyclists.  We urge you to keep your TS on your face, or stored like goggles (inside your helmet), to preserve custom shape.  

If you step on your mask and mess it up, a TS can typically be reheated and remolded (unless the plastic has been creased).

If you want crushproof mask for your nose and cheeks, Everest guides rock the faceGlove Classic.


For now, faceGlove TS has a black nylon face fabric, and a black fleece back.. 

*Red on red is available for ski patrollers by request (email: kevin@outeru.com)


Each faceGlove TS comes with 1 “double-headstrap” that is woven through 4 slits in the mask, and tied behind the neck to adjust length.  It works just like a dust-mask.

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