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    Heat the TS once (like you would a mouthguard), and shape it to your face, goggles, and helmet.  This POLARTEC fleece and nylon mask will provide custom-molded protection for years to come.  The heat-mold-able plastic inside the TS will also provide far more protection for your nose and cheeks than fabric alone.  If you screw up the heating process, your faceGlove TS can be reheated and reshaped a several times.  Wear your faceGlove TS under a stretch-tube or balaclava for full-face protection that doesn’t block breathing.

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size XS:  kids 8 and under.

size S: kids 8+, adults under 5′ 4″, under 130 lbs, size XS/S helmet  

size M: 5’4″-6’1″, 130-200 lbs, size M/L helmet  

 size L:  6’1″+, 200 lbs+

If you are in between sizes, I recommend the larger mask.


video instructions on YouTube:  click below.




 Each faceGlove TS has a cream colored high-loft POLARTEC fleece back, and a black POLARTEC nylon front.



Each faceGlove TS comes with a black head-strap to be worn during the heat-molding process, and pair of super-soft and stretchy, surgeon’s mask earloops, which should be swapped-in after heat-molding.


Custom heat-molding:

video instructions on YouTube:  click below.



Written directions :  (Don’t bother reading this, just watch the video. Your mask will come out much better if you do.  -Kev)

Custom Heat-molding:  When your faceGlove TS is steamed or boiled for about 45 seconds, the thin, flexible, thermo-moldable plastic insert contained within softens.

  1. Put this warm mask on with your helmet and goggles in front of a mirror.  For 45 sec- 90 sec after removing your faceGlove TS from the hot water or steam, the insert will behave like clay, and your mask can be formed to the shape of your face.  Half of this shaping is done when you simply drop your goggles into place. 
  2. Next, form the desired opening around your nose, press the mask firmly into your cheeks, and hold.
  3. After about 2 minutes, the insert solidifies, holding the custom shape of your face.

CARE:  Your faceGlove TS should be cared for and stored like your ski goggles to preserve it’s custom shape (keep it inside your helmet!).  Hand-wash in cold water.


Which faceGlove?:

a.  If you want crushproof faceGlove for the backpack, or survival kit, it’s the faceGlove mini.

b.  The TS is easier to use than the faceGlove mini, because it is stiffer, and already molded into the precise shape of your face.  For resort skiing, motorcycling, and snowmobiling, I recommend the TS.

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