Special Note: faceGlove ™ PPE is not certified against any virus, but

1. our UPF 50 fabrics are woven tightly enough to filter 97.5% of UV light. This is just one of our two layers.  

2.  there is a pocket to insert an N95 filter when they become available

3. A double-wire will form a solid seal around your nose.

4.  Super-soft, 1/2 inch, fold-over elastic binding, made in California, will suspend it from your head without putting pressure on your ears or nose. 

5.  A superior finish, seal, and novel design approach distinguish faceGlove PPE. 

faceGlove PPE is priced for volume discounts–because we all have families and need several washable masks.



used code: “staysafe” at Amazon checkout.


You seek face protection that doesn’t block breathing.
outerU solved this by designing a two-piece mask..and you already own the bottom.