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faceGlove(TM) PPE is a 2-layer fabric mask, with a filter pocket designed to produce a better seal with the face, than any other cloth mask on the market.

sizing: (if you are between sizes, I recommend the larger mask for greater coverage)

Adult Large. over 5’11”, over 180lbs.

Adult Medium. 5’3″-5’11”, 125-180 lbs.

Adult small. 80-125 lbs, over 8 yrs old.

kids. under 8 years old

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outer FABRIC, UPF 50:
facing the world for faceGlove PPE is a droplet repellent, densely-woven, nylon fabric known to block at least 98% of UV light…and remember there are two more layers.

The inside fabric layer is also a pocket, to slide in an HEPA, or N95 filter.  This layer is a tightly woven cotton/nylon/ployester blend known to block 97% of UV light.  All liner materials will be soft and comfortable against the face.

There is a coated double-wire stitched into the top edge of the mask, so you can create a good seal with the bridge of your nose.

The elastic used to hold the mask to your head is 3/4 inch fold-over elastic binding.  It’s really soft and stretchy so it won’t put any pressure on your nose.  A wider strap is also easier to keep in place on your head, and it will not irritate your ears. It is adjustable by moving a knot.

Machine washable. The wire will be misshapen after it’s tumbled with other clothes, but it can be re-straightened. The ends of your strap might need to be burned a couple times in your masks life to stop fraying.  AIR DRY.

1.  OuterU’s design uses elastic running through tunnels, that collapse and expand as needed, so the sides of the mask keep contact with the cheeks of whomever is wearing it.

2.  Wrapping material further under the chin, and a little further to the sides of the face provides less chance of something reaching your mouth/nose, and adds to the seal.

3.  The single horizontal pleat should end just beyond the tip of the nose, taking pressure off the tip of the nose, while keeping a good seal with the bridge of the nose.

4.  Darts along the jaw line allow faceGlove PPE to make a tight seal with every unique chin and cheek.

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kids, adult small, universal adult "large"


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