faceGlove mini, size Medium, in 15 colors


[Scroll through colors at the bottom of this page.]   Wear the faceGlove mini under your stretch-tube to create a full-face mask that doesn’t block breathing.  A tiny pocket for the sensitive tip of your nose, moldable, precisely die-cut, and made from an array of high quality soft-shell fabrics, the faceGlove mini is thoughtfully designed to keep you warm, dry, and able to function like you’re not wearing a mask at all.   

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faceGlove mini instructional video:  click below.



Medium only (for now): 5’3″-6′, 130-210 lbs, size M/L helmet  

Your mask comes with 6-inch ear-loops.  If you are on the small side of the size range, mention this with your order, and I can swap in 5-inch. straps.  If you are on the large side, let me know, and I’ll send 7-inch straps.  


Each color is one of five high-quality soft-shell fabric styles.  Each is thin, light, and highly wind/ water-resistant.  Each has an abrasion-resistant, woven nylon face, and soft fleece back (of varying lofts).  The leece loft, or “weight” of each fabric is noted above it’s corresponding photograph at the bottom of this page

I source the end-pieces from larger manufacturers’ rolls of fabric, so it’s an ongoing challenge to track all fabric origins.


A thin, polypropylene-coated wire contained within the bottom edge of the faceGlove mini makes it possible to form your mask to the contours of your face, and holds it in place in the wind.

Targeted Protection:  

faceGlove mini’s patent-pending, nose-tip-pocket precisely protects the most sensitive part of your face from frostbite, without blocking breathing.


Your faceGlove mini comes with a set of earloops made from a material so soft and stretchy, it is designed to be worn behind the ears of medical professionals all day, without irritation.  Our earloops are also replaceable, to extend mask life.

 If you really want to wear straps around your head, like a dust mask, outerU’s head-straps (sold separately) can be interchanged..


Full list of faceGlove mini fabrics:

white (nylon front)/ white (fleece back), light-weight = thin fleece loft:  think Spring, sun-protection, white helmet, white goggles..like fresh K-Swiss(TM) for your FACE!!!

stone/ stone, mid-weight = medium fleece loft:  warm fabric in winter, cool color in the sun

digi cam/ gray, mid-weight:  TOUGHEST faceGlove mini, military grade

gray/ gray, mid-weight:  classic conservative color, a fabric that’s not too heavy, not too light, perfect for Dad

gray/ gray, mid-weight, HIGH LOFT, POLARTEC Power Shield:  Speaks for itself

coyote/ coyote, mid-weight:  militia?

sea blue/ sea foam, mid-weight, HIGH LOFT, POLARTEC Power Shield:  so fluffFFYYYYY!!!!!!!

blue/ blue, light-weight: Spring weight, maybe a tad darker than royal blue, Hamilton College colors

Merlot/ magenta, light-weight:  hides wine stains, thin, and tough

Violet/ black, mid-weight, POLARTEC Power Shield:  maroonish raspberry?

light pink/ white, light-weight:  not outerU’s warmest fabric, but sometimes it’s more about the right shade of pink

fire/ white, mid-weight, POLARTEC Power Shield:  warm fabric, HOT color–looks dope with orange-mirror goggle-lenses.

burnt orange/ black, mid-weight:  who burns oranges?  Anyway..great color.

red/ gray, mid-weight, POLARTEC Power Shield:  SKI PATROL

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 4 x 9 x 0.15 in


blue, burnt orange, coyote, digi cam, fire, gray, Gray, HIGH LOFT, light pink, magenta, merlot, Red, sea blue, HIGH LOFT, stone, violet, white


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