faceGlove (R) Head-straps


FaceGlove Headstraps are detachable, so that they’ll never break, and to ensure we can get you the perfect fit without plastic or metal adjustments. This allows all faceGlove Headstraps to be safe inside helmets.

Our elastic is thin and stretchy enough to keep pressure off your sensitive nose, but tough enough to last.

faceGlove Headstraps allow each faceGlove to be worn over a balaclava or stretch-tube which forms an open-mouth, full-face mask. 

I strongly recommend the ear-loops, and include them as the standard for comfort, and ease of use.

Headstraps are sold in pairs.

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Each pair of headstraps is composed of:  

1. a universal bottom strap with an overhand knot which can be moved to micro-adjust the length (green 17.5 inches).  

2.  The top strap is measured from one top slit in your mask to the other, around the top/back of your head (see photo).  The length of this very stretchy strap should be about 1-inch shorter than the length you measure.  

Additional information

Weight 0.3 oz
Dimensions 2 × 4 × 0.2 in

small 14-inch red, medium 15-inch orange, large 16-inch blue, x-large 17.5-inch green (universal bottom)