Our mission is to design and produce the highest-functioning technical outdoor face masks in the world.


Our 2-piece concept means our masks move with the two parts of the human head.  This prevents blocked-breathing, wetness, and ice build-up.  This facilitates eating, drinking, communication, and is simply more comfortable.

Make faceGlove accessible:

Our masks integrate with the stretch-tubes and balaclavas everyone already uses (easy to use).  We were also able to price faceGlove affordably at $25, even after making them in the US (easy to get).

Make gear custom:

The faceGlove mini has a thin, polypropylene-coated wire sewn into the bottom edge, that allows the mask to mold to the contours of every unique face.  The faceGlove TS uses thermo-moldability to get a prefect, custom fit.  

Moving forward, we recognize that many mask solutions are required to meet the needs of diverse environments, so we’re designing masks tailored to each.

Spread an important message:

Although, cold is the obvious threat in winter, sun exposure is the sneakier one.  Our company is committed to illuminating the health risk of sun exposure and innovating in face protection against skin cancer.

Be thoughtful:

Sustainability is, and will always be, a guiding principle in our business, and we make green improvements as we can afford them.  For example, a portion of our material for prototyping and production comes from other manufacturers’ scrap.  Dealing with small pieces slows down production and raises costs a bit, but knowing we are able to make something useful out of something certainly bound for the landfill makes us feel warm and fuzzy.  US manufacturing, and repurposing scraps are just a couple examples of how think.

Be loyal:

Our aim is exceptional loyalty to our customers, as they have been exceptionally loyal to us.

—Kevin C. Bourque, founder