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*Please ignore the “Men’s / Women’s” distinction.  All faceGloves are unisex, come in 4 sizes, and can be ordered through the “Men’s” link.

*If the kids’ mask link isn’t working, please order a Small, and mention in comments that you’d really like a Kids.’  I should have this issue resolved shortly.


FaceGlove: The Smarter Facemask

The most sensitive parts of your face are your nose and cheeks.  FaceGlove makes it possible to protect them with out blocking your breathing.

Highlights of the FaceGlove:

  • POLARTEC PowerShield fabric provides an abrasion-resistant, woven nylon front, and super-soft, comfortable fleece back.
  • Innovative, interchangeable head-straps and ear-loops lend versatility.  You’ll get both.
  • Our patent pending nose-tip pocket protects the most sensitive part of your face without blocking your breathing.
  • A thin, poly-propeline coated wire sewn into the bottom edge allows faceGlove form to the contours of your unique face, and keeps it in place in the wind.