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faceGlove TS

When you put the faceGlove TS in hot water, it softens like jelly.  As it cools, it becomes like clay, so you can form it to the shape of your face.  After a couple minutes, the plastic insert solidifies, yet is thin enough to remain flexible.  FaceGlove TS is designed specifically to integrate best with a helmet and goggles.

COLORS:  For now, faceGlove TS has a black nylon face fabric, and a black fleece back..

*Red on red is available for ski patrollers by request (email: kevin@outerU.com)

STRAPS:  Each faceGlove TS comes with 1 “double-headstrap” that is woven through 4 slits in the mask, and tied behind the neck to adjust length.  It works just like a dust-mask.

SHIPPING:  Default shipping is USPS, which delivers to mailboxes, and P.O. Boxes only.  If you need us to ship UPS (to an address without a mailbox), please add a comment to your order, or email, kevin@outerU.com.

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FaceGlove TS (Medium/Large)$25.00
FaceGlove TS (Small)$25.00
FaceGlove TS (XS/Kids)$25.00


IMG_5205 IMG_5404

size M/L fits most adults

size s fits most petite adults

size xs/Kids fits most kids 7-10

Sizing Chart

*kids’ size is here!!  not coming soon..

Highlights of the FaceGlove TS:

Custom fit:  When heated, thin piece of thermo-moldable plastic, sandwiched between fabric layers, allows faceGlove TS to form to the contours of your unique face, and hold that shape indefinitely once cool. This plastic layer also keeps your mask in place at speed and in wind, and makes it super-easy to take on and off.

Targeted Protection: Your nose and upper cheeks are more sensitive than the rest of your face to sunburn and frostbite. This is due to the prominence of the nose (how it sticks out), and that it is mostly made of cartilage, affording it little blood flow.

Straps: Innovative, interchangeable head-straps and ear-loops lend versatility, and extend mask life.  faceGLove TS comes with the “double headstrap.”

different faceGloves:  faceGlove TS doesn’t have a little pocket for the tip of the nose, like the faceGlove Classic.  This means it’s even drier than the original, but suited for slightly less extreme cold.  When it’s below zero, faceGlove Classic has you covered.  For every other day, faceGlove TS is your BFF.