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faceGlove Straps


Our headstraps are detachable, so that they’ll never break, and to ensure we can get you the perfect fit without plastic or metal adjustments.  This allows all faceGlove straps to be safe inside helmets.  Our elastic is thin and stretchy enough to keep pressure off your sensitive nose, but tough enough to last.

Headstraps are the default because they allow each faceGlove to be worn over a balaclava or stretch-tube (which forms a sweet, open-mouth, full-face mask).  Enough people insist our earloops are the best, that we keep making them.

Each faceGlove Classic comes with a pair of headstraps, and each faceGlove TS comes with a “double-headstrap” that works the same way.

SHIPPING:  Default shipping is USPS, which delivers to mailboxes, and P.O. Boxes only.  If you need us to ship UPS (to an address without a mailbox), please add a comment to your order, or email, kevin@outerU.com.

Replacement faceGlove Classic Headstraps (Single Strap)

FaceGlove HeadStrap (UNIVERSAL BOTTOM STRAP) (XL top strap)  (17.5 in.)$2.50
FaceGlove Headstrap (Large) (16 in.) (Large top strap)$2.50
FaceGlove HeadStrap (Medium and small Top Strap) (14 in.)$2.50
FaceGlove HeadStrap (xs/kids top strap) (13 in.)$2.50
FaceGlove HeadStrap (xs Kids stop strap) (12 in.)$2.50

faceGlove EarLoops (Pair)

Our surgeons mask earloops are made of the softest, stretchiest elastic around.  This material was designed for Dr.’s who need to wear masks all day.  This makes faceGlove earloops comfortable behind your ears, and stretchy enough to never put pressure on your nose.

Because they separate from your faceGlove, we can ensure you get the perfect fit, and that your mask lasts.


FaceGlove EarLoops (XLarge) (IF YOUR LARGE FACEGLOVE STRAPS WERE TOO SMALL) (blue) (7 in.) $5.00
FaceGlove EarLoops (pair) (Large) (GOes with LARgE faceGlove) (red) (6 in.)$5.00
FaceGlove EarLoops (pair) (Medium) (GOes with MED, Small, and KiDS faceGLove) (green) (5 in.)$5.00
FaceGlove EarLoops (pair) (Small) (if your Green earloops were too long) (blue)  (4 in.)$5.00
FaceGlove EarLoops (pair) (XSmall) (if your 4 IN straps were too long) (3 in.)$5.00