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faceGlove Classic

Finally: warmth without wetness.

POLARTEC Power Shield is our “Goldilocks” soft-shell fabric that really is, just right for all conditions.

A thin, polypropylene-coated wire, contained within the bottom edge of faceGlove Classic, makes it possible to form your mask to the contours of your face.

Our tiny, patent pending, nose-tip-pocket protects most sensitive part of your face from frostbite, without blocking your breathing.

Uncovering your mouth prevents goggle-fog and wetness.

FaceGlove Black (Large)$20.00
FaceGlove Black (Medium)$20.00
FaceGlove Black (Small)$20.00
FaceGlove Black (Kids’)$20.00

STRAPS:  Each faceGlove Classic comes with a pair of headstraps.

COLOR:  faceGLove Classic has a black nylon face, with a black or gray fleece back.

SHIPPING:  Default shipping is USPS, which delivers to mailboxes, and P.O. Boxes only.  If you need us to ship UPS (to an address without a mailbox), please add a comment to your order, or email, kevin@outerU.com.

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Highlights of the FaceGlove:

  • Targeted Protection:  Your nose and upper cheeks are more sensitive than the rest of your face to sunburn and frostbite.  This is due to the prominence of the nose (how it sticks out), and that it is mostly made of cartilage, affording it little blood flow.
  • Goldilocks material:  POLARTEC PowerShield is just right.  This industry leader in fabric design has created an abrasion-resistant, highly wind and water resistant material with a woven nylon face, super-soft, fleece back, and 4-way stretch.
  • Straps:  Innovative, interchangeable head-straps and ear-loops lend versatility, and extend mask life.  Your faceGlove Classic comes with a pair of headstraps.
  • Warmer/DRIER:  Our patent pending nose-tip pocket protects the most sensitive part of your face without blocking breathing.
  • Custom fit:  A thin, poly-propeline coated wire enclosed in the bottom edge allows faceGlove form to the contours of your unique face.  This also keeps your mask in place at speed and in wind.