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The faceGlove Classic is the little mask you’ve always wanted.  Moldable, precisely cut in 4 sizes to fit just right, made from the perfect (thin/light/warm) POLARTEC soft-shell fabric.  Everest/Denali guide’s little secret.  

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Material: I call POLARTEC Power Shield our “Goldilocks” fabric because it really is just right for about all conditions.   Power Shield is highly wind and water-resistant.  It has an abrasion-resistant, woven nylon face, super-soft fleece back, and 4-way stretch.

Mold-ability:  A thin, polypropylene-coated wire contained within the bottom edge of the faceGlove Classic makes it possible to form your mask to the contours of your face, and holds it in place in the wind.

Straps:  Innovative, interchangeable head-straps and ear-loops lend versatility, and extend mask life.  Your faceGlove Classic comes with a pair of headstraps.

Targeted Protection:  faceGlove Classic’s patent-pending, nose-tip-pocket precisely protects the most sensitive part of your face from frostbite, without blocking your breathing. 

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2 x 4 x 1 in

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