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A few years ago, Outeru Gear founder, Kevin, was living in one of the coldest and snowiest regions of the world – the Teton Mountains near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA.  While working in a ski shop to support his ski habit, he had countless conversations with coworkers and customers about the problems with ski-masks.  It seemed like everyone was looking for a better solution, but there was nothing available that worked as it should.

So, Kevin set out to design the world’s best face mask – and after hundreds of prototypes, countless tweaks and a few total redesigns – the Outeru “FaceGlove” was created.  A minimalists solution, faceglove protects only the parts of the face most sensitive to cold, frostbite, and sunburn – and it does so without creating goggle fog or sacrificing your ability to breathe.  His solution for protection of the nose was the focus of his design and this produced a game-changing innovation.  Kevin knew he was on to something.

He contacted his old college roommate, Josh, who had a background in business start-ups to give him a hand turning his product into a company.  Josh instantly saw the value of Kevin’s design, and after a year of hard work, perfecting manufacturing, writing business plans and gaining support from great friends and family – Outeru Gear is ready to share faceglove with the world.

Stay tuned – FaceGlove just brushes the surface of Outeru’s vision.

More great face protection solutions around the corner…